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Guarding Products

Guard-Safe Guarding Safety Products

Here at Guard-Safe Guarding, most of what we do is 100% custom designed and engineered safety guarding products. We begin with a safety assessment that helps to identify hazards in the workplace. Then we take scans of the areas that need to be protected and build OSHA- and MSHA-compliant machine guarding solutions to fit. Not every hazard requires a completely tailor-made solution, however. Some difficulties and dangers in the workplace come up time and again. Issues like these can sometimes be solved with more common safety guarding products, which Guard-Safe Guarding still makes to the same exacting standards that we use for our custom jobs.

EX Return Safety Guards

EZ Return Idler Safety Guards

One of our most popular products, the EZ Return Idler Safety Guard, is a Guard-Safe Guarding original! We observed many conveyor belt systems where excessive carryback was accumulating inside the Return Idler Safety Cages causing damage to both the return idler and the conveyor belt. We knew we had to find a solution that was easy to use and simple to clean. Enter the EZ Return Idler Safety Guard!

Made from HD steel with a unique clam shell design (patent pending), the EZ Return Idler Safety Guard provides a simple and easy way to remove material buildup caused from excessive carryback, while still providing your employees the protection of being exposed to the hazardous pinch point. The EZ Return Idler Guard opens from either end for easy cleanout and maintenance!

Coupling Guards

Coupling Guards

Anyone who has ever worked around couplings knows that they can be extremely dangerous. After all, they rotate at very high speeds and can easily snag a bit of clothing or even a body part. However, couplings can't simply be hidden away, because workers need regular access to them in order to adjust the packing gland as needed. That's why Guard-Safe Guarding makes coupling guards that are designed to be easily accessible while still keeping workers safe.

Available in Mild, Galvanized, and Stainless Steel, our coupling guards utilize cage nuts, which allow for single-tool adjustments. Sliding panels grant safe and easy access to packing glands. With punched panels that allow you to see the coupling without opening the guard as well as optional access hatches and polycarbonate covers, our coupling guards are easily tailored to just about any need.

Poly Wedge Locks

Poly Wedge-Locks

Guard panels provide reliable protection that you can count on, but sometimes they have to be opened or removed to provide access to equipment for repairs, maintenance, or other reasons. Fortunately, poly wedge-locks from Guard-Safe Guarding can lock panels securely closed while still allowing access when necessary. With corrosion-proof Polyamide construction and stainless-steel retaining pins, our poly wedge-locks are made to stand up to even the harshest working environments. They’re easy to use and remain securely fastened when locked.

Whatever Your Machine Guarding Needs, We Have the Solution!

Whether you need a custom-tailored safety guarding solution or one of our more common safety guarding products, you can learn more or start the process today by calling Guard-Safe Guarding at 281-485-2400 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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