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Guard Safe Guarding Partners


Through our professional associations and partnerships, Guard-Safe Guarding has the ability to provide additional knowledge and solutions to serve your needs, help you establish regulatory compliance within your plant or facility, and protect your workers. At Guard-Safe Guarding, we pride ourselves on being able to create custom, OSHA and MSHA compliant machine guarding solutions for just about every need, but we also know that these aren't the only challenges that our clients face. Our partnerships allow us to help provide you with the answers and solutions you need to help keep your business running smoothly and safely.

ATS Machine Safety Solutions Logo

Originally established in 1996, ATS Machine Safety Solutions produces American-made, industrial-grade machine guarding solutions, including milling machine guards, drill press guards, and lathe guards, to name a few. They design and manufacture all of their machine guarding solutions in-house and never compromise on quality or materials. ATS Safety Specialists frequently participate in our Machine Guarding Assessment Audits.

PS Doors Logo

Since 1974, PS Doors has been supplying industrial doors along with Safety Gates and Safety Barriers across all types of industries. They've seen what works and what doesn't, and they've created a line of solid, reliable, trusted doors reinforced with confidence at their core. They've built flood barriers and hatches for the National Archive in Washington, D.C. and for NASA as well as a wide range of industrial and safety doors for businesses big and small.

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