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Guard Safe Guarding Engineering


Engineering, design, fabrication and installation of OSHA and MSHA compliant safeguarding.

Safety Guarding


Safety Guarding. Pump guarding, barrier guards, return-idler guards, conveyor guarding, coupling guards, V-belt guards, and custom-made OSHA and MSHA compliant machine guarding solutions of all kinds.

Mixer shaft guarded -  AFTER
How it Works


We help you identify hazards, take extremely accurate measurements with a handheld 3D scanner, and then custom design and fabricate machine guarding solutions to fit your needs.

Step 3 -  Generate Guard layout from Scan


At Guard-Safe Guarding, there's no machine we can't guard! Our expert staff of designers and engineers create custom solutions for machines big and small.

Identify hazardous issues through a 3D scan
safeguarding assessments


Our guarding audits help take the guesswork out of protecting your facilities by identifying hazards and offering solutions that are realistic and efficient.

Packing Gland Pump - AFTER

Guard-Safe Guarding is Your TOTAL Guarding Solutions Company

You care about your employees. You want them to be safe, and you want them to be able to do their work quickly and well, without worrying about obstructions. You also care about the law and want your workplace to be in compliance with OSHA and MSHA regulations. At Guard-Safe Guarding, we're here to help you do all of the above by providing custom-engineered safety guarding products that are tailored to fit the needs of your business.


Properly guarding your equipment is not a simple process and learning how to identify and mitigate hazards can take years of experience. That's why Guard-Safe Guarding is here to answer all your guarding-related questions and why our on-site guarding audits can help you to identify hazards and learn how best to protect your workforce. We use FARO Freestyle 3D Laser Scanning technology to take accurate measurements of all your equipment before we custom fabricate guards that are built to fit right the first time.


At Guard-Safe Guarding, our safety guarding products are made in the USA from the highest-quality materials, and they’re built to the most exacting standards in the field. We have helped businesses across numerous industries to keep their workers safe and their processes running smoothly, and we're looking forward to serving you. For more information about a safety guarding assessment or our complete line of custom safety guarding products give us a call at 281-485-2400 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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